10 Facts About Alaskan Huskies

Facts About Alaskan Huskies

If we would made a comparison between Siberian Huskies And Alaskan Huskies the Alaskans are smaller and rarer as a breed as well. When it comes to keeping them as pets, one has to be very patient to train them well since they are quite difficult to manage. They are used widely as working dogs or for races instead. Due to their independent nature they are not very suitable to be kept as family pets. Here there are ten interesting facts about Alaskan Huskies.

10 Facts About Alaskan Huskies

Facts about alaskan husky

#1 As the name says, Alaskan Huskies they come from Alaska. They were used as slay dogs in the ancient times by the North American natives.

#2 Normally they grow tall up to 26 inches maximum while their weight varies between 44 and 46 pounds.

#3 As far as life expectancy goes they can live up to 12-14 years old.

#4 The Alaskan Husky coat can come in coarse or straight texture. Regarding the colors of their coat, we have see them in brown, white, black, grey, red.

#5 Actually the Alaskan breed is originated by different kinds of Nordic breeds therefor it is not a truly a pure breed. Their categorization is made based on the specialization they have such as the skill of pulling a cart in a race.

#6 Surprisingly these breed is an affectionate dog. Despite their domineering nature they like to cuddle with other dogs. But as friendly as they might be, Alaskan Huskies are not suitable for humans that live in urban apartments.

#7 Instead of keeping them as family pets why don’t go ahead and register them in the annual speed racing competition in Alaska. They are excellent runners.

#8 Alaskan Huskies is part of the expensive dog breeds. The price is even higher is the dog is demanded due to high power and speed. Their worth goes around $10.000 or $15.000.

#9 During winter season in the extreme northern regions, the Alaskan Husky might be killed by moose.

#10 Alaskan Husky sled dogs are based in Canada and Alaska and they are called as the native village dogs.

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