9 Facts About Domestic Animals

The domesticated animals are very different from their wild ancestors. These is due to the adaptation they have followed during the process of domestication.

In terms of morphology, genetics and behavior domesticated animals differ from the wild animals. Domestication it self it is a whole process that requires it own time to happen at take place.

#1  Archaeozoology proposes three classes of domesticated animals. The first one is commensale that includes guinea pigs, cats, dogs etc. Meaning animals that have been domesticated for human niche.

Than there are domesticated animals sought for food such as cows, pigs, sheep and goats. And on the last class make part animals like horse, donkey,  camel that are used for draft.

#2 The domestic dogs are perfect for retrieving, guarding or used as family pets.

#3 The variety of domesticated dog breeds is quite large. That why they vary in sizes, shapes and colors. The most popular ones are Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Rottweiler etc.

#4 The biological name of sheep is Ovis Aries. Sheep is a domestic animal used for its fleece, milk and meat.

#5 Wool as well is one of the produces taken from sheep To harvest the wool, one must apply the shearing process.

#6 There are about 300 types of goat breeds. Its scientific name is Capra aegagrus hircus. Goats are part of the same group as sheep so they too are used for their milk, hair, skin and meat.

#7 Domestic pigs have been called many names like pig, swine or hog. Their weight varies from 110 to 770 lbs or 50 to 350 measured in kilograms.

#8 Chicken is one of the most widely distributed domesticated animals in the world. Their population reached 11 billion in 2011. They are used for the eggs they produce and for their meat.

#9 Duck are used for many purposes. Some use them for their eggs and meats just like chickens are used while other keep them as pets. Ducks have also ornamental value.

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