10 Facts About Dog Fighting

Dog Fights are a bloody sport where the dogs are put in the center of the attention on a pit or a ring for the amusement of people. The spectators are interested in watching which of the dogs will win the fight since there are also large amounts of money bets involved.

Usually dog fights are performed in rural areas in barns or outdoor pits. Although they can be spotted also in warehouses, garages, basements, neighborhood playgrounds, street and even alleys.

Down below you can read some interesting facts about dogs fighting.

#1 The game ends when one of the opposing dogs is declared as the winner. The game ends when one of the dogs dies or falls out of the pit.

#2 One of the dogs is declared as the loser when is dead. And even if he was not killed during the fight, the owner will make sure to torture, bit or even kill him with a gun.

#3 This dog fights usually are run by criminal gangs, at least here in United States.

#4 There are cases when the dog owner call the fight and the game ends without a winner.

#5 The income in this kind of fights come from gambling, stud fees or admission fees.

#6 In many countries it is illegal to perform a dog fight and it is considered as a crime in United States, Virgin Islands, Columbia, Puerto Rico etc.

#7 Although in many countries of the world it is illegal to perform dog fights on the other hand there are still countries like Russia, Japan and Honduras that allow them.

#8 Dog fighting enters is a type of blood sport that dates back in Roman Empire.

#9 Even those considered as street fighter dogs are connected with gang activities. The owners of these dogs are not professional, therefor they use starvation, abuse and drugs to encourage their aggressivity.

#10 Except the street fighter dogs there are other type of fighters like professional and hobbyist.

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