10 Pictures that prove camp life with Huskies is much more fun!

Camping would be such a fun experience with your dog. Personally i have never tried camping with my dog, but from what I see in these pictures, I think I would totally enjoy it! Look like Huskies are just the perfect dog to take to a camping trip. Looks like they have the camp life sport in them. Look at these adorable pleased faces! 10 Pictures that prove camp life with Huskies is much more fun!

1- He apparently overheard that it was cold up in the mountains, so she thought to buckle up for the adventure!

camp life

2- Ohhhh how much is she enjoying the camp life. Apparently she adores that afternoon breeze that feels so good.

content husky
3- They took the camp life seriously. So for their hike they wanted to wear the hiking helmet just to be on the safe side! These two have such a swag.

Huskies camping

4- Cuddling inside the portable camping heater with your dog sounds perfect to me. Also do not forget to take those beautiful selfies as a priceless memory!

Husky camping
5- Is it a problem if your lazy ass Husky wants to lay down with you for a couple of hours? I would totally adore a view like this one!

Husky having fun

6- How would you like to play hide and seek while camping? I think your adventurous Husky would like best camp life, if you play their favorite games!

Husky sneaking
7- And if you have a whole Husky pack the bring it on. Funny memories are always in the making during camp life.

camp life

8- How would you like to have a view like this one first thing in the morning? Would you appreciate life more then?

morning view
9- The reason that silly face likes camp life the best is because of the endless playing adventures he/she can experience!
playful husky10- They are ready to go an experience some beautiful camp life with their beloved family! By their faces I can tell that they are getting prepared for some fun time!

ready for some fun

Source: BowWowTimes

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