Puppies Acting Tough In Front of Big Dogs

These dogs are hilarious and also so cute. These puppies or small dogs try to act strong in front of big dogs.. well, they have a reputation to keep. So they have to be tough.. Their extra cuteness might be a problem for them because the big dogs sometimes don’t take them seriously.. Look at these pictures and you will see what I mean. Puppies acting tough in front of big dogs. Enjoy!

#1- He is really trying

#2- Not even blinking sometimes helps

#3- This little one has to be braverbig2

#4- Cheering for the little puppybig4

#5- See? being cute and tough at the same time is a little hardbig5#6- And it goes on like this every daybig6

#7- Except this little one who found a way to profit from the big dogbig7

#8- And this adorable puppy keeps protecting food.. well, he has to eat to grow upbig8

What do you think?

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