10 Reasons Big Dogs Are The Best Dogs

There are too many reasons to make you decide a big dog or a small dog. Maybe your conditions oblige you to get a small dog but here there are 10 reasons why big dogs are the best dogs. Take a look on these 10 reasons and maybe you will think it again.
#1- Forget vertical stripes and all black—your dog is the solution to all your slimming needs.

best dogs

#2- Just try keeping up with a big dog on a morning run or walk. You will always get tired before the dog does.

husky walking with owner

#3- Their hearts are literally larger than those of small dogs. 

Big dogs and small dogs

#4- You don’t need to buy clothes because their coat is adapted for all seasons.

husky clothes

#5- You can cuddle with any dog, but can lap dogs ever be the big spoon.

baby and dog

#6- With a big dog, hugging never ends.

woman and dog hug

#7- Big dogs can protect you, Really, what will a Pomeranian protect you from? They are Best Dogs.

best dogs

#8- All your friends will start to come to your apartment, but not for you, they will be there for your dog.

girl and alaskan malamute

#9- They look like big bears!

Tibetan Mastiff. They look like big bears

#10- They are majestics.

They are majestics


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