10 Times Pet Haircuts Went So Wrong, It’s Hilarious


Maybe you are thinking what the heck happened with their owners, why would they do this to their dogs but these pet haircuts will make you laugh at all. Maybe they was thinking that this is good for their dog’s, maybe the temperatures are to high or the vet recommended do to this. What ever they was thinking in another view this looks so funny. Here there 10 dog haircuts gone really wrong.

PS: Even it might look funny, please be careful with dogs like Siberian Husky. You should never SHAVE a Husky

1. Human, who am I now?

Pet Haircuts
10 Pet Haircuts Gone Really Wrong

2. Really? A skirt?

Cat haircut
10 Pet Haircuts Gone Really Wrong

3. Always dressed up well

Akita Haircut

4. For the love of God, what did I do to you?

colored dog

5. This is not fair

Never shave your Siberian Husky
Never shave your Siberian Husky

6. Creativity level: 99

Funny pet haircuts

7. No, no. I’m fine. Just need a therapy session.

8. Everything is a little twisted for him now.

Pet Haircuts

9. He won’t even look at me anymore.

Never shave your Siberian Husky

10. Owner, we need to have a serious talk.

Shaved Siberian Husky

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