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10 Scariest Dog Breeds: Different Breeds That Keep Criminals Away

Scariest Dog Breeds

If you are looking for the scariest dog breeds in order to save your home, this is the list you need. Dogs are great for scaring off intruders. Here are ten examples of terrifying dogs who are going to terrify any potential burglars, intruders, and even burglaries!

Scariest Dog Breeds

1) Dalmatian:

This massive pup is so scary that it has been said that one look from its dark eyes will cause a person to run away screaming.

2) Pit Bull Terrier:

The aggression in this dog’s bark makes it an excellent deterrent against crime.

3) German Shepherd:

This intelligent and hardworking breed of dog is capable of turning on unsuspecting trespassers. Sometimes without warning through their impressive barking abilities.

4) Doberman Pinscher:

The Doberman’s loud bark can be heard from blocks away. Making it an excellent watchdog.

Scariest Dog Breeds

5) Chihuahua:

This tiny dog may seem harmless, but its tiny bite is anything but.

6) Rottweiler:

Any potential intruder who tries to mess with this dog will be in for a rude awakening. Mainly when they realize that the Rottweiler’s bark is even meaner than its bite!

7) Bull Terrier:

This breed of dog is both strong and loud. A combination which makes it an excellent deterrent against crime.

8) Australian Cattle Dog:

Though this dog’s size makes it appear quite friendly, its massive bark can be heard throughout the neighborhood.

Scariest Dog Breeds

9) Bloodhound:

This dog is so fast that it can catch prey by itself without ever touching a leash!

Scariest Dog Breeds

10) Dachshund:

This compact breed of dog has been known to chase intruders around the house before biting them on their rear ends.

Scariest Dog Breeds


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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