10 utterly fearless animals who convinced us that size doesn’t matter

It is amazing how much we learn studying the animal kingdom. You know how we often take a step back when we are not sure in our abilities to do or achieve something. And doubting ourselves is the worst form of doubt. We become our own enemies.

These teeny tiny animals teach us something really important. They teach us that size does not matter when it comes to life. If you are fearless you can achieve anything. Scroll the pictures down to take their example and start doing instead of fearing.

#1 Isn’t these the end… Not because the parrot is on the cats tail but because she is doing nothing about it.

#2 Hmm..this feels nice, you are quite softer than lying on solid ground.

#3 Well this is not the first time we see a cat and dog being the best of friends.

#4 Beat it you horrible beast… There is no meat for you here!

#5 If you work hard enough, you can achieve anything your heart wishes.

#6 Are you saying that I can not eat this?  Watch me!

#7 Sorry to bother big man, I got lost looking for the west. Could you help me with some directions?

#8 Well the horizon looks fascinating from up here… I am liking these!

#9 Hey do you mind staying still… I am trying to rest here.

#10 These shows how disciplined service dogs are… Meanwhile the cat gets to parade her self in front of all these dogs without batting an eye.

What do you think?

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