12 Cute Corgi dogs mixed with other dog breeds

Corgi dogs are listed among one of the most adorable dogs on earth, and what you will see in this post is even cutter than that. You will be able to the cute Corgi mix with other dog breeds like Pit-bull, German Shepherd, and Huskies. I am telling you the outcome is just amazingly beautiful.

It is really cool to see what a beautiful dog breed can bring into life. Enjoy these pictures, and tell me which one of these 12 mixed dog breeds is your absolute favorite. My personal favorite is the German Shepherd-Corgi mix.

1- Akita-corgi

It looks more like a teddy bear, than a dog!

Corgi dogs mixed
Corgi dogs mixed with Akita

2- Australian Shepherd-Corgi

He is so tiny I can’t tell how will he or she transform as a grown up.

Australian Shepherd-Corgi mix

3- Blue Heeler-Corgi

This is one beautiful, and very sweet face!

Blue Heeler-Corgi

4- Border Collie-Corgi

borgi Border Collie-Corgi

5- Chihuahua- Corgi

I mean how laud do you guys think this mixed dog breed is?

Chihuahua- Corgi

6- Husky-Corgi

Who wouldn’t like to have a Husky-Corgi with those blue eyes?

Husky Corgi mix
Corgi dogs mixed with Husky

7- Jack Russell- Corgi

Those muscles look really built up, and that body looks healthy AF what do you guys think?

Corgi  and Jack Russell mix

8- Pomeranian – Corgi

Pomeranian - Corgi mix

9- Yorkshire Terrier-Corgi

This face perfectly fits the body, and makes a perfect combination.

Yorkshire Terrier-Corgi

10- German Shepherd-Corgi

I believe there is no need for comment in here. In my opinion this hybrid makes a perfect combination between these two dog breeds.

German Shepherd-Corgi

11- Maltese-Corgi

Interesting isn’t it? Would you ever consider buying a Maltese-Corgi?


12- Pit-Bull- Corgi

I have never seen such a smiley Pitbull in my life. I bet he is a Corgi in personality. To be honest I think this mix is a little funny. I just can’t see a Pitbull with pointed ears.

Pit-Bull- Corgi mix

Source: RantPets

What do you think?

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