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15 Giant “Lap” Dogs Who Still Keep The Puppy Soul

Giant “Lap” Dogs

Giant “Lap” dogs confirm the expression: once a baby always a baby. Spoiled since childhood, these canines think they are still puppies. As a result, their desire remains the same.

On the other hand they seek to be held in the lap by their family members. However, it is not the same situation as before because over time there have been changes in their body. They are now adults, weigh a few pounds more and have a larger body.

To be honest these changes are understood by us because we care about them. While dogs themselves do not understand their changes. Surely they think it is our duty to spoil them till the end. This is practically true. It’s a pleasure for us to spoil these plush friends.

It does not matter how much we want to grow, we all have childish desires within ourselves. Except for the fact that growth as a process is difficult. There are several factors that make this process difficult, such as keeping responsibilities, paying bills, living alone, etc.
Dogs on the other hand always remain children based on the behavior they do and their passion for games.

Giant “Lap” Dogs Who Still Keep The Puppy Soul

#1 Calvin at 6 weeks old and then 1 year

#2 From 4 months to 14 months

#3 3 months to 6 months

#4 “Humphrey Bear grew into his name — 8 weeks to 1 year old.”

#5 “Zuko the German Shepard from 8 weeks to 1 year!”

#6 “3 months vs 1 year — the struggle to carry him is real!”

#7 “Ziggy got biggy.”

#8 “Heavier and older really means more to love and more time to have loved her.”

Giant “Lap” Dogs

#9 “3 years ago when we first got her vs now!”

Giant “Lap” Dogs

#10 “12 weeks to 12 months”

Giant “Lap” Dogs

#11 “My boy Ares at 6 months and now at almost 2 years”

Giant “Lap” Dogs

#12 “From a 2-month-old bleep to 6 months old, then to a 1-year-old monster”

Giant “Lap” Dogs

#13 I’m still a baby

Giant “Lap” Dogs

#14 Those spots remain unchanged!

Giant “Lap” Dogs

#15 “1 week after I got him vs 1 year after I got him (11 weeks vs 14 months)”

Giant “Lap” Dogs


Written by Klaidi Telha

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