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10 Photos Proving Pets Are More Fragile Than We Think

Don’t worry if your dog is sensitive, just remember that Pets are more fragile than we think. They’re the family we make for ourselves and losing them can be as painful as losing a friend. They are able to understand thus becoming more inclined to react to certain situations.

I mean, who doesn’t love animals?

Katie Moore, is the deputy vice president of Animal Rescue at International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). She believes that “Animals have throughout history been bred for the sole purpose of coexisting and having relationships with humans over time. They, in turn, have essentially developed the capacity to bond with people. ”

With this in mind you can understand why dogs behave this way. They are your little ones and they want to spend every moment in your company. If your actions give them reason to suspect, their reaction will be as in the photos below. They will give you suspicious glances asking you to manipulate them.

Dogs demand attention all the time in order to feel adored by you. On the other hand, they love the attention given to them by family members. Even if attention is lacking, their sensitive reactions are immediate.

So, without any delay, scroll down and have a look at these intelligent animals and how they respond to their humans.

Pets Are More Fragile Than We Think

#1 “He gave me this look while waiting for the vet to come in. Took his shots like a champ!” Such a brave doggo!

Pets are more fragile than we think

#2 “Can I just have one piece?” Please, hooman?!

Pets are more fragile than we think

#3 “So I was about to put my luggage in the car to head to the airport and when I looked up… This is what I saw.” He’s staring right into his soul! Take him with you!

Pets are more fragile than we think

#4 “Luna is not a fan of the new puppy.” SEND IT BACK, HOOMAN. This place is too smol to have two doggos.

Pets are more fragile than we think

#5 “My pup used to ride like this in the car because he thought the car meant he was going to the vet.” My little cutie! Someone make him unlearn this!

Pets are more fragile than we think

#6 “Jack thinks I got another dog and is sad. All I did was sweep the floors for the first time in 3 days.” That look on his face though, feeling betrayed…

#7 “I yelled at him and he’s been like this for 10 minutes already.” Aww, this cutie though! Say you’re sorry and give this adorable little one some cuddles!

#8 They’re never gonna know.


“Sorry, it’s raining again. I can’t do anything about it.”
Look at how sad he is!


Me: “There are a lot of mosquitos, we’re going back home. And don’t look at me with your sad eyes!”

But… Let him play!


Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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