20 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of The Month (July Edition)

Rescue pet statistics per year. There are approximately 3.2 million shelter animals adopted each year (1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats. Is there a more enjoyable feeling than rescuing a pet? I do not believe there is. For me, adoption is the highest value a person can give to life. Abandoned animals are generally found in animal shelters waiting for their forever homes.

The work and dedication required are the main indicators of their abandonment. Our recommendation consists in two elements before you get a pet. To begin with, do the right research taking into account the basic needs of the animal. For example, learn about the activity each animal requires, training, nutrition, time spent together, etc. Secondly, before getting a pet consider your lifestyle.

These simple but essential calculations enabled healthy relationships between you and your pet. Save pets from loneliness. Be their home, be their family. Animal lovers, the real heroes of this material share their experience with us. The story is told through their photos.

1- First Time Being Carried After Being Rescued.

Finally happy, he also has a family

Rescue Pets photos

2- First time home. His face the first night of adoption.

Rescue Pets photos

3- The Newest Member Of The Family, Dutch!

He is so happy.

Rescue Pets photos

4- After Rescuing A Puppy From Across The Country, We Found Out That One Of His Brothers Also Got Adopted Near Us. We Set Up A Play Date For The Two, Here’s A Picture Of Them Together.

Sibling love is true.

Rescue Pets photos

5- Juno, The Scottish Rescue Dog.

So cute.

Rescue Pets photos

6- My Grandmother Adopted This 14 Year Old Angel That Howls At The Top Of Her Tiny Lungs And Wears Dresses Made From T-Shirt Sleeves. Look at that face.

Rescue Pets photos

7- Dad Had Always Said No Pets. Until My Sister Adopted One Behind His Back. This Was Their First Encounter.

Fathers be like. Then they meet the pet and everything changes.

Rescue Pets photos

8- We’re Adopting My Friend’s Senior Dog. He’s Not Allowed On Their Couch. I Think He’s Going To Like Laying On Ours.

I believe he will.

Rescue Pets photos

9- This Is Jethro! We Recently Rescued Him From Alabama. He Is Very Good At Falling Asleep With His Tongue Hanging Out.

His superpower.

Rescue Pets photos

10- Drove Six Hours To Rescue This Pitsky Pup Today – Totally Worth It. Don’t you love him?

Rescue Pets photos

11- A Friend Of Mine Who Is A Veterinarian Contacted Me Today. He Told Me If I Wanted To Adopt This Little Guy. I Said Yes, And As Of Today He Is My New Puppy.

He should be very happy and grateful for you.

Lucky Pets

12- This Is Bear. We Adopted Him On Saturday. Photo, Taken Yesterday By My 4 Year Old Nephew. First Time He Was Willing To Look At The Camera.

There’s a happy boy.

Lucky Pets

13- This Isn’t A Fancy Video Or Anything Really Cool, Just My Newly Adopted Ex-Racing Greyhound Rescue Max.

It’s cooler than you think man

Lucky Pets

14- The Day After We Rescued Our Puppy, Zelda. She Thought Her Big Sister, Chloe, Was Her Momma For Several Weeks.

Bless your heart.

rescue pets near me

15- This Is Digit. I Adopted Him This Morning, And He’s My New Best Friend.

Is this the calm before the storm, kind of picture? lol.

rescue pets show

16- My Parents Adopted Hoagie When She Was 14, And They Got Her A Hat.

Apparently she loves it.

rescue pets toy

17- I Adopted My Sweet Girl From A Kill Shelter In Atlanta, Georgia. She’s Living Her Best Life In Halifax, Nova Scotia!

She’s happy and loved now.

rescue pets are wonderful

18- Adopted Her Last Week, She Seemed To Enjoy Her First Trip To The Dog Park

I love your big smile sweetheart.

rescue pets available for adoption

19- I Adopted Her When I Was 15 And Living In California. We Loved Traveling Together, Even Living In A Campervan. Now I’m 25 And She’s 11, And We’re Still Adventuring. Now Living In Europe. People Say, “It’s Awesome That You Brought Your Dog When You Moved!”…but Not Bringing Her Was Never An Option.

Travel buddy.

rescue pets available just adopted

20- When We Got Them The Shelter Said They *had* To Be Adopted Together. They Demonstrate Why On A Daily Basis.

My eyes are in love.

rescue Cats
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