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5 Tricks that your dogs use to manipulate you. OH MY GOSH…

Ways Your Husky Show You Love

A 26-year old illustrator from France has illustrated five ultimate tricks that your dogs use to trick you. We all know that dogs are no angels, and that time after time they do things to trick us and make us fall even more in love with them than before. The artist said that the purpose of this illustration is for dog parents to see. He says that the more dog parents know about their children, the more they can understand their attitude.

“I’ve become a freelance illustrator/graphic designer less than a year ago, partially thanks to Bored Panda who featured my work with Catsass and gave me the ability to quit my full time job as a graphic designer,” Combacau told Bored Panda. “I’m currently working on a book with a publisher and working with several websites on a series of illustrations – and actually making a living out of it!” 

The following five tricks will make you understand how does your dog manipulates you, so that you love them more and more each day. 

1- Does your dog want to get out, but you are not feeling like taking them for a walk? Well this is how these guys manage to convince us: 

Tricks that your dogs use

2- What do they do when they want to have your delicious food? Well it might seem a little too mean, but hey they have no other way to change your mind…

Tricks that your dogs use

3-Your dog has noticed that you spend way too much time playing with your little stupid toy called iPhone? Well this is what they do for your own good: 

Tricks that your dogs use

4- Your dog is too boring posing for 1245976040 selfies a day, so when he/she is convinced that enough is enough, this is what will happen: 

Tricks that your dogs use

P.s after this you will think twice before you pull the phone out of your pocket. 

5- You think that your bed belongs to you? Let me tell you that dogs don’t think so, and they will make sure to teach a little something: 

Source: Boredpanda

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