8 Things You Should Do With Your Dog Before The End Of The Summer

Although it is September, we do not all live under the same weather. Somewhere might be pretty cold already and summer is no where to be seen, but hey there are a lot off states with warmer climate with way longer hot sunny days compared to other ones.
So if summer is not over yet wherever you live, and you did not had a chance to experience this 10 cool things you can do with your dog than this might be your last chance. For this year at least.

#1 If your dogs loves long rides on the car, and lets be honest here…Every dog gets crazy way riding on the window side of the car trying to catch the wind. So what are you waiting for, go on a road trip for some quality time with your beloved fury ball.


#2 Enjoy those beach days while you still can. Dogs love to splash in the water and just run along the cost. Unfortunately they are not allowed on every beach, so do some research and take him to a dog friendly beach for a wonderful day.


#3 Make him feel special by doing a photo shot with him. Take some great picture on different angels and poses to have as e memory later on.


#4 If the dog park is far from your home and you walk your pup on the nearest one. Make the effort even just for one day to walk a little further and send him to spend a whole day on a dog park while he still can. He will have a blast playing around with other four-legged friends.


#5 Are you planing some late summer vacations for your own pleasure. Why not consider taking your dog along with you. Now days it is so easy to find dog friendly hotels or even bed & breakfast. This way both of you have fun and get to relax maybe for the last time this year.


#6 The beach days might be over for you…but why not bring the beach in your backyard. Set up a small kids pool just for your dog to freshen and stay cooled during this last summer days.


#7 Going on a hike might be the perfect activity you ever decide to do with your dog. They are perfectly capable to walk or rocky terrain and enjoy the hike in the mean time.


#8 Chose a restaurant where you can dine outside with your dog. Dinning al fresco for as long as possible to do so. While you enjoy that delicious food, make sure to sneak some treats that your dog will love to try under the table.


What do you think?

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