Adorable dog carries home a drunk cat… Precious!!

My first impression when i first saw the video below: “Oh My Lord is that teeny tiny dog really doing that right now!!!” It truly melted my heart you guys, and I bet it will melt yours as soon as you see the video.
But before you get there allow me to tell you a little bit about the story behind the video: From what I can understand, the dog is a real gentleman. He is advised to carry the “drunk” cat, and bring her inside the house. We have no idea what is wrong with the cat, but I am assuming she is not feeling very good and therefore she is unable to walk.

The sweet thing is that the dutiful dog does what he has been ordered to do. Even though he is really teeny tiny, he manages to carry the cat, and walk her all the way inside the house. I must say that what he does is quite surprising for a dog his size, but oh well. As I have said anything could happen, and this video is a living proof of that. If you think that this puppy is quite the gentleman, then share this video with all your loved ones. Everyone should see this!!!

What do you think?

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