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Alaskan Malamute Dog Love This Baby As It was His Own

Alaskan Malamute Dog Love This Baby

I always have wondered how can a dog know that he must be very careful around babies. I really can not figure out how they can be so careful and sweet around babies and toddlers.

My heart was melted after watching the video. They are both so adorable. This Alaskan Malamute dog is playing very gentle with the baby on the stroller.

We are not talking about a classic video of dog and baby interacting here. The dog is so captivated by the little one. And from what I see the love is mutual. They both seem to like and enjoy each other’s company. It just can not get more perfect than this.

It gives me great joy seeing how the baby moves his foot to pet his big fury friend on the face. Awwh and that moment when the big puppy starts to lick the babies feet… Pure love, that’s what is!

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