How old is my dog? Calculating and comparing to the age of man.

How old is my dog?

Most people think that to compare the age of the dogs with human age is just easy. Suffice to multiply their age by seven. For example if a dog is 4 years of age means is equivalent a 28-year-old man.

It is not quite true.

How can you say that a dog that is just 1 year of age as a 7 year old child? How many people of age 7 – year-old are active and able to reproduce?

Dogs and cats age 1 year are able to have children and yes, age of 10 years (according to the accounts of a man at the age of 70 years.

But how is calculated the age of our little friends?


Maturity going too fast the first 2 years in a dog, but varies in different races.

Large breeds (great weight), they mature quickly and live less.When they reach the age of 5 years, are considered “adult”

Average races (with average body) usually reach that age when they become seven years old.

But small breeds (small body), reach adulthood when they become 10 years old.

Many veterinarians agree that the formula that will bring closer to the equivalence between age and the age of the human being.

It is thought that a dog aged about 1 years is a little too much a child of age 12 years and a dog aged about 2 years old, is equal to a new age of 24 years.

After this age added to the age of 4 years for one human year on the dog’s age (Example: A 4-year-old dog would be equal to a man aged 24 years)

This method is based on taking into account the age of the onset of maturity, in the first years of the life of a dog, and also slowing the date in subsequent years.

Just below is a table of age being compared to that of human…

How old is my dog? Calculating and comparing to the age of man.

Convert Dog Years to Human Years
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