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7 Dogs With Most Unusual Appearance

They look is so unfamiliar comparing to the other breeds we are used to see around the street. They will definitely turn some heads and leave an impression every they go. That is how unusual they are.
Are you feeling curious? You want to see how they look? Well here they are. The most unusual dog appearance.

#1 The Mexican Hairless Dog surprisingly is one of the most old breeds. They are very affectionate, cheerful, calm and great companions. Funny fact: in winter they are pale grey while in the summer their skin gets tanned from the sun and becomes black or bronze.


#2 Bedlington Terrier has the head of a sheep and the body of a dog. So strange looking but so cute all in once. They are quite easy to train so you don’t even need to keep them in a leash.

bedlington-terrier-1#3 Bergamo Shepherd has a curly fur in such way that looks like a giant mop to me, lol! They are very smart, and have a excellent memory, so they learn their commands very quick.


#4 Brussels Griffon looks just like a tiny hipster with their long mustaches and beard. They are always happy due to their lively temperament.  They are very good with kids and very sociable as a breed.


#5 Dandie Dinmont Terrier are so adorable regardless of their unusual appearance. Long body, mustache and bang. In the early days this boys were used to hunt foxes or badgers. Now they just a cute breed that everyone wants to have in their home.


#6 The peoples feeling about Chinese Crested Dog are so controversial. Some consider them as the ugliest dog on the world while others although admitting their unusual appearance find them quite nice. By nature they are very loyal, love kids and care for attention.


#7 Little Lion Dog got they name because as you see they look pretty much like lions. They tend to be stubborn and quite difficult to train


What do you think?

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