This Guy Asks On Facebook To Find His Lost Pug, Gets Someone Else’s Pug Instead

Two brothers owned a cute chubby pug, whom got lost one night. She had sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping and could not notice her absence until morning.Worried sick about their dog, the two brothers went out to look for her they turned home after many hours of search without the pup.

The next step they took was notifying everyone in the neighborhood to be attentive on the streets if they noticed any sign of their lost pug and they also posted photos of her on Facebook making a notification about her missing.


They felt pretty lucky when a girl called them to say that she had found the missing dog and was bringing her to their address. But although the pup was a pug and she sure looked like the missing one, turned out to be an entirely different one.


After these scenario they gave a call to the local council ranger where they were informed that the they real lost dog was found in the street and at the moment was in good hands at the cities pound.


When they real pup was found they were left with one pug plus. After checking thoroughly the published list of lost dogs they saw that another pug had gone missing the same day as their own. Than they were only one phone call away to give the good news to the owners of the other pet and return him to them.


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