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10 Hilarious Photos Of Husky Enjoying The Party More Than You Do

Husky enjoying the party more than humans do, it’s a funny article which focuses on the fun side of writing about our favorite dogs. This material addresses the fact that if dogs were able to drink, this would be the results. Joyful moments that are treated through the prism of ‘If dogs would drink’, to make these quarantine holidays more enjoyable.

It has become fashionable for our animals to imitate our way of life. In many cases they are enjoying our company and at the same time trying to adapt to our current activity.

For example: If we are playing with family or friends, they will start playing as well. On the other hand, if we are singing they will accompany us making the second voices in the song, lol. All these elements are summed up in an extraordinary activity by our dogs.

Their intelligence is no longer in question. That is to say that the examples given prove that they are capable of reflecting, or understanding certain situations. There is no doubt that we are in sync with our puppies, but what happens when we decide to go to a party together? As you begin to engage with the party, your dog on the other hand has become its star.

Some examples to more clearly understand the idea I want to present to you, are illustrated in the photos below. Tell me: Do huskies know how to celebrate better than you or am I wrong?

Husky enjoying the party more than you do

#1 Drunk underage dog

Husky Enjoying The Party

#2 Drunk husky


Husky Enjoying The Party

#4 When you party hard

Husky Enjoying The Party

#5 Trying to act normal, when actually you are drunk

Husky Enjoying The Party


Funny Drunk huskies


Funny Drunk huskies


Funny Drunk huskies


#10 Me: I will party all night. Me 2 hours latter

Funny Drunk huskies

What do you think?

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