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How To Keep Your Husky Happy

Keep Your Husky Happy

The most frequently asked question of any husky owner is: How to keep a husky happy. I understand that there is a kind of confusion about what makes a dog happy. Especially when there is a lot of information circulating about this event. Naturally the question also arises: What really makes my dog happy?

To dispel your doubts I have prepared a material on this topic which addresses clearly and concisely the main factors that affect the happiness of huskies. By choosing the most reliable information I came to the following conclusions.

You can do many things to keep your husky happy, starting with daily activities games and personal care. Other factors that affect their happiness are determined by the time you spend with them, or how organized the check-ups at the vet are.
Here are some ways to make your husky happy:

Keep Your Husky Happy

1- Give it attention and keep it occupied

Physical activity is a necessity for the welfare of dogs as it is for the welfare of man. If you want your dog to be as happy as possible, organize as many trainings per day / week. By training dogs expend energy which helps in their sleep, at the same time they are disciplined according to your requirements.

Lots of toys.
One way to keep your husky occupied is to give it lots of toys to play with. This way their energy will be focused on entertainment while avoiding clutter at home.
Also puzzles are a good way to entertain them. Get products that include food. This can help keep your husky focused on it for a longer time period.

Keep Your Husky Happy

Doggy daycare
An important aspect of dogs happiness is keeping your husky occupied while you are not around. In this case the best option are facilities that apply pet daycare daily, weekly or monthly. It is best not to leave them alone for long periods.

2- Keep Your Husky Happy with lots of exercise.

Walk it.
Walking is the most basic activity for a husky. Considering their energy level, it is advisable to walk this breed for at least an hour a day.

Walk with other dogs.
You can also walk your dog with other dogs, creating more fun opportunities for him. You have to keep in mind that huskies do not have good relations with puppies of small breeds. Therefore you are required to be vigilant in case you decide to walk it with other dogs.

Keep Your Husky Happy

Play fetch.
The more a dog runs the happier it is. A very effective way to give your husky exercise is to play fetch with it.

Take him for a swim.
Swimming is natural for dogs, but there are times when you need to help them swim and have a little fun.

3-Keep your husky cool in the summer

Summer is the most difficult season for Huskies. If you are looking for ways to keep your dog happy during the hot season, here are some ways to cool off this double coat bear.

Groom them.
Groom your dog at least once a week during the summer, helping him cope with the heat. On the other hand you will also help yourself by eliminating their hairs from every object of your house.

Keep Your Husky Happy

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Never shave a husky
Pet dog owner states: “This is because the skin is not supposed to be in direct contact with the suns rays and the fur is meant to help regulate its temperature.”

-Give it access to water and shade
-Regular check-ups are a must


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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