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How to Keep Your Senior Dog from Destroying Your Home

How to Keep Your Senior Dog from Destroying Your Home

It is true that elderly dogs have lower activity levels and their mind is not as sharp as it used to be. That is why dog proofing the house to accommodate with his new needs is necessary for them to feel safe and comfortable in their own home.

-Clear paths around the house for him to have more moving space available. Their sight is not as it used to be, and it might get difficult for them to navigate through a room full with furniture and obstacles everywhere.

-If you happen to live in a two story home make sure your pooch has all his essentials down stairs. Senior dogs experience difficulty climbing up and down the stairs.

-Keep the areas around him like his doggy door or his feeding space well lightened. The extra light will help him see better and move around easily.

-Attach soft rubber cushions on sharp corners of furniture to keep your dog safe from getting hurt.

-If your dog is big sized, be aware of his tail. They unwittingly can swipe expensive breakable souvenirs off the coffee table and make a mess. Try to keep this things out of their reach.

-Try to keep the house as clear and clean as possible. Any fallen button or coin can be mistaken as a treat from your senior dog. Also keep his toys in a corner so he want trip and fall on them.

-With your dog getting older you must own a comfortable cushy where your pooch can lye on and take a nap. The floor might be to hard for him and hurt his bones.

-Help him by being there for him when he is asking for your attention. If you see he wants to sit on your lap but can not make it on his own, give him a hand.

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