10 dogs have a message for this Diwali

For those of you who already don’t know what Diwali is, I have tried to explain it with a few words. It is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in Autumn in the northern hemisphere, and in Spring in Southern hemisphere. It is also well known as the largest and brightest festivals in many countries. They also call this festival as the “Festival of Lights.” This festival is not celebrated everywhere in the world, but there are a few countries that consider this, as one of the biggest celebrations throughout the year. What these people don’t understand is that the crackers they burst for this festival, are very bed for dogs. They get really scared from the laud noise, and they eyes hurt because of the really bright colors. If you have a pet, and you celebrate Diwali, then you should take a look at this post, and understand how your dogs feel during this celebration.

The folks over at The Hippique have a very special message for anyone with pets.


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