10 Dogs Who Woke Up Like This And Already Look Amazing

Oh that morning look. What would we have given to just wake up feeling energized and looking pretty and ready to go every single day. As much as we want the expression “I just woke up like this” to be true, it isn’t. Especially the females have to stand minimum half an hour to achieve that morning look.
Anyways dogs are not excluded either. Even they need some time to put them selves together after waking up. But and there is a big ‘but’ they look totally adorable and cute either way. Maybe might not be as pretty and groomed as they are during their walks but still…We love and worship them regardless of their looks or smells, lol!

#1 Like this smile face here that is ready for a morning
#2 Well that sure was a huge yawn…and he still looked adorable even with his mouth wide

What do you think?

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