10 Heartwarming pictures of pets before and after adoption…

If there is one thing that could make me the happiest, that would be watching more of these heartwarming pictures I will show you in minute. First of all I would like to invite everyone who has witnessed situations like these, to share pictures like the following with us. If you have rescued, or adopted a stray or shelter pet, then just let us know, so we can posting heartwarming ‘before and after’ pictures of adopted pets more often. Second I would like to say you guys to adopt a pet if you can. You have no idea what big of a change you can make in these pet’s lives. While hoping that you all will do the best you can regarding this issue, I would like to share with you the following heartwarming pictures.

#1- Before getting adopted the poor dog looked literally lifeless, dirty, and really desperate. Look at him now!! 

before and after9

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Strong Evidence that Dogs and Cat can definitely be BFF’s!!!

She was found wrapped in duct tape, but fortunately someone saved the day…