These 10 pictures will reveal what does your dog truly think about you… Truly amazing

We all want to know what our pets truly think about us. I know that we are able to read their body expressions most of the time, but that is not enough. Looks like illustrator Kelly Angel has been able to “get inside dog’s minds” and read what they truly think about us for the most part. I have to warn you that you will be amazed with what you are about to discover. So next time you are wondering what do the others think about you, at least you will know what does your beloved dog think about you, and the idea of it will comfort you all the way. I hope you enjoy the following pictures as much as I did. After you are done reading the sincere opinion your dog has, only then you will truly realize what a delight they are…
#1- “You are the best dad I could ever wish for, so please stop torturing yourself!”you vs dog
#2- “What do you mean you are worthless? You are everything and more to me.”
you vs dog2

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