Here are 10 weird dog breeds from all around the world.

Nowadays exist more than 340 dog breeds all around the world. 340 is such a big number, and that mens that we will never be able to encounter most of these breeds. We cannot learn all the breeds that exist nowadays, and that is why we are usually stuck with the usual, cliche breeds; Pit bull, Husky, Labrador and so on so fourth. In this post we will introduce you with 14 the weirdest dog breeds from all around the world. From what we know, if you want to have one of the following pooches, then you might as well want to pay a pretty penny to their breeders. After you are done reading all 14 breeds, tell us if you had any knowledge whatsoever for any of them.

#1- Caucasian Ovcharka: This furry friend is one of the oldest living member of the Caucasian Mountain dog family.

Caucassian Ovcharka

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