11 hilarious dogs who got stuck while playing

Have you ever caught your dog stuck somewhere just because they scant sit on their but for a second? Well I have and I can tell you when they regret their stupid decisions, they make such a sad face. Sometimes I feel sorry for these puppies, but I think they are hilarious at the same time. Think about it, they do whatever they please, even if it isn’t a good ice. They act recklessly, learn a lesson and get an experience. Would you ever act as you feel about something, when you don’t know the outcome? First take a look at these 12 hilarious puppies and tell me what do you think of them.
1- “I have no idea whatsoever what happened in here. I just laid down, and next thing I know this happened.” bad blanket
2- “No this is not hilarious I am so ashamed right now for thinking that this was my leash.”

What do you think?

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