5 Reasons dogs run away from home!

It has happened many times when dogs run away from home. It is very confusing when you think about it because if you have a dog, and treat him like family, you expect him to stay loyal! Well it is not always like that. Dogs run away and theres nothing we can do about it. It is their decision, and they do it in a way that we cannot prevent their escape. In this post you will learn 5 reasons why dogs run away from home, and maybe be be able to prevent your dogs escape in advance!
1-Boredom or Loneliness
Dogs that are locked for many hours straight can get bored or lonely! This causes them to feel the urge to escape, and run in search of attention or entertainment. Running away most of the time makes them to feel free, and able to do anything they want to! So never leave your dogs alone for a lot of time, otherwise they will leave you!

dogs run away

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