What these 6 dogs have done for humanity is just undescribable…

We all know that dogs have the power to transform our lives. Up until today I have thought that dogs have the power to make only their family’s lives much better, but hold your breath because the story does not end here. In an article  read today, I was able to learn that 6 dogs have actually transformed the lives of many people. These 6 brave dogs have done some deeds so very significant for Planet Earth, that have somehow shaped the world we know today. You think that the following 6 heroic dogs need more recognizement, then share this post…

1- Laika The Stray Space Dog

In 1954, the Soviet Union scientists trained the mild-mannered, stray into space. They wanted to prove that life could be sustained during takeoff and in outer space. Even though they had no ability to get her back down to Earth, the scientists sent Laura into orbit. Sadly the stray dog died, and the real cause of death was overheating.

“She will forever be known as one of the pioneers of space travel for humans, and for that, she is a hero.”

Laika Stamp

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For some reason this delightful dog thinks he is a meerkat… LoL

The toad poisoning did not affect the happiness of this adorable Golden Retriever. Oh My Gosh!!!