These massive dogs were used for hunting bears many many years ago…

Have you even heard of Caucasian Mountain Dogs?? I have read a couple of times before about them, but I have never known that these massive dogs were used for hunting bears once upon a time. As you will see from the pictures below, these dogs are just hugeeeee. And when I say huge I mean hugeeeee. They are nothing like the usual LARGE SIZED dogs that we have seen, or heard of. They are nothing like Alaskan Malamutes, or Saint Bernard’s or Great Dane’s. But these dogs are not just massive, they have a lot of sweet characteristics that you need to find out… The pictures below will inform you more about Caucasian Mountain Dogs.
These massive dogs can get up to 200 pounds. As you can all imagine, they can get even bigger than a big guy. 

hunting bears

What do you think?

For some reason this delightful dog thinks he is a meerkat… LoL

The toad poisoning did not affect the happiness of this adorable Golden Retriever. Oh My Gosh!!!