Here are 10 dog breeds that shed very little…

If you are a big time dog lover, but can’t stand all the hair dogs shed year-round, then there is some hope for you people. The American Kennel Club has released a list of dogs who shed very little to none, and I think that you should know about this list a little more. I want you to know that non-shedding dogs don’t really exist, but there are some dog breeds that shed very little. Having one of those dogs means that they will not fill your apartment with pet hair. In the pictures below you have three groups of dog breeds. You have 4 dog breeds from the Small size dog breeds group, 3 dog breeds from the Medium size dog breeds group, and also 3 dog breeds from the Large size dog breeds group. Based on your personal interest you can choose a |little shedding dog| that is more appropriate for you. If you think that you will get the right information from the groups below, then keep on reading….


#1- Bichon Frise

According to AKC Bichon Frises are: “Playful, curious, peppy”


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