This is what a 90-year old is doing since she found out she had cancer… Inspiring

Living a long happy life is my biggest dream. I know that most say that getting old is scary, but to me is not. I think those who get to grow old are very lucky because they live at the fullest. And I want to experience that. I want to grow old, and not only. I want to get a chance to enjoy the last years of my life while experiencing new adventures. I am not just saying this, but I brought this up because of what i am about to show you in this post. I will tell you the inspiring story of a 90-year old lady who found out about her cancer. Unlike any other person, the 90-year old lady decided to live her last days in adventure. Through the following pictures you will find out what is it exactly that she did:

Here is Norma, the inspiring 90-year old, and by her side you are seeing her best friend Ringo. 

cancer treatment

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