A savage tied up his poor dog, and then he did this…

We all should contribute to increase awareness about animal cruelty. I am telling you that this is the perfect case to raise our voice, and make all these savages understand once and for all that ANIMAL LIVES MATTER.
The picture you will see below, was taken a couple of days ago. The poor young female dog you see laid down covered in blood is the dog of the savage I am speaking about. As you can see the young female dog is tied up, her mouth is shut with duck tape, and another dog, a Pitbull, is attacking her. We are assuming that the Pitbull is training for dog fight, and this poor creature is the one suffering from all this stupidity.

animal cruelty

We still dont know the name of the person who did this, but we know that four men were taken in custody. Even though their mouthes remained shut during the interrogation, these four men will pay for what they did. All four men were found guilty, but their sentence is postponed March 30th.

“We are very happy because all the accused were found guilty. There are challenges to make sure that your case is on the right track. If you know who the people are when it comes to dog fighting, we can gather more information surrounding the acts and then get the storyline.”

We would like to invite all of you to speak up, and take action and call for the maximum penalty in this case of animal cruelty. This is the case we are talking about Atteridgeville Bait Dog Case. We all should speak up now, and seek justice in the future.

Source: Petsfans

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