An Artist Combines Movie Posters With Real Life Puppies

An Instagram movie poster mash-up artist named Jaemy Choong, has decided to bring something new to the world. He is a major dog lover, and he has decided to take the passion for canines to a whole another lever. Wether it is awesome or weird it is up to you to decide. Jaemy is a Malaysian-based graphic designer that never stops amazing his social media followers with his special art. This time he has decided to combine his most loved movie posters, with some perfect shots of dogs in the background. The combinations are so perfect that you have to look twice to understand where does the poster ends, and where does the dog’s body begins. In my opinion his art is really special and mind-blowing. What do you think? Well first you need to see the following pictures to decide. Enjoy!

#1- 10, 000 BC

10000 BC

What do you think?

One puppy is never enough. A bunch of them are just too perfect.

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