They became best friends since first day, and they sleep with each-other every day now…

It all started a year and a half ago when a Reddit user who goes by the name of “doihavetosignup” decided to post a couple of pictures (on behalf of their mom.) The user posted some pictures of his parent’s new kitten Moses who was chilling on the back of their adorable Collie Molly. When I first saw this picture my heart literally melt. I can’t believe how adorable this duo looks. They became best friends for life since day one, and even now a year and a half later, not much has really changed regarding their close relationship.
This is the fist picture of Moses, the cat, and Molly, the Collie. This is when the family first adopted Moses, and as you can see she was this teeny tiny kitten. The kitten was abandoned, and was found either by the mom of the Reddit user or by Molly. They won’t tell us the truth 😛


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