These 10 dogs have no idea how much you spent on their bed, and they do not care…

They don’t think it be like it is, but it do

One of the things dog’s actually pay attention to is their bed. That is because you will always see your dog sleeping everywhere around the house, but in their bed. They feel to comfortable in sleeping on the floor, on the couch, on your bed, but they rarely enjoy sleeping on their bed. OR maybe they sleep in their bed during the night, but prefer to use the other spaces of the house during the day.

Well I have never really understood how does it works for these fellas, but the 10 pictures below will best describe you how dogs actually feel about the bed you got them…

1- “Hello 911 this is a dog and I called because I have a bed emergency, can you please come and help!”

dog stuck in its bed

2- “What do you mean you want me to sleep on the bed. why would I even consider it when I can sleep on the floor?”

dog sleeping in the floor

3- “You see actually I prefer sleeping under the bed then over it. This is my personal preference!”

puppy prefer sleeping under the bed

4- “Don’t you ever accuse me for not sleeping on the bed OK? You see my foot is resting on it OK?”

100$ bed

5- “YES it feels so good to sleep like this trust me!”

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6- “I take no responsibility for the bed once I am sleeping. I move way too much, and this is what happens!”

Being a dog is super hard work

7- “I was gonna sleep in the bed, but then I slipped and I did not bother getting back in it!”

We give the phrase ‘roll out of bed’ a whole new derpy meaning

8- “This is not how I planned on sleeping really. Can you please help me!”

puppy need help

9- “If I fits in the bed, then I sleeps in the bed no matter what!”

I fits, I sleeps

10- “The reason is the bed being so small you see? Can you understand my choices now?”

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