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Birth defects make these 6 dogs such an inspiration

Not all dogs are lucky enough to be born with no defects whatsoever. In this post you will be able to meet 8 inspiring dogs who have different birth defects. I am so glad that their parents take such good care of them, and make sure to provide them with every needed treatment. To me these dogs who were born with birth defects are such a great inspiration to everyone. They are such a good example that life don’t stop if you have a health problem.
#1- Derby was born with a form of Antebrachial growth deformity, or abnormally shortened legs. The family who adopted the dog  provided 3D-printed prosthetics that allowed him to run, jump, and play like any other dog. His foster dad says “He runs with us every day…he never really tires out. He’s just so happy.” 

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