10 ways dogs can cost you a fortune

When you get a dog you will have a lot of new costs in your budget. Dogs need to eat, they need a bed, toys, treats, and the list goes on and on. These new purchases will cost you quite some $ dollars from your pocket. In this post you will see what is costing you a fortune. These 10 products and services have been added to your monthly and yearly expenses. Some studies show that they cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
1- First year costs.

When you first get your puppy you are going to buy all their necessities.  These can include adoption fees ($100-$500), spaying or neutering ($35-$200), food and water bowls ($10-$40), collar and leash ($20-$100), dog bed ($25-$200), crate ($20-$250), training ($30-$300) and fencing (if your yard does not already have one) (up to $2,500).

cost you a fortune

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