Cuda is perfect the way she is so please don’t feel sorry for her…

Her name is Cuda and she is one of only thirteen dogs of living with a congenital anomaly called “short spine syndrome”. At first when you see her, you can think of her as a “sick, or suffering” dog. But it is all the opposite. From what we know Cuda is a really normal dg, despite her anomaly. She is living a really normal life, and she is enjoying it at the fullest.

She is even a “Celebrity” in Facebook, and they have called her “The original United States born short spine Internet star!” 

This is what they say about Cunda in her Facebook page: “Cuda is one of thirteen dogs in the world living with short spine syndrome. We used to think she was the only one and now we are part of an elite group of other dogs living with it. Cuda is the only short spine dog in the world who is also a Certified Therapy Dog! She is a survivor of a backyard breeder who sold her on craigslist for $50. Her purchasers had her for two weeks when I met them. I was an Animal Control Officer and they asked me to take her. People thank us for saving her but she saved us.” 

We are happy to hear inspiring stories like the one of Cunda. We wish everyone respect, treated and loved animals just the same way, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem possible. In the following pictures you can see Cunda, and her happy, healthy, amazing life as a different, yet very normal dog. Enjoy!


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