What rescuers did for this abandoned dog is just heartbreaking

Animal cruelty keeps going on hard these days. This next story is about a white German Shepherd that was abandoned in the deserts. Luckily someone decided to call Hope for Paws because this nonprofit organization could give this dog the needed help. And indeed they were ready to save some live as soon as they got the call. They sent a crew to the desert to check about the dog, and see if they could get the dog, and bring it back to the shelter. Things were not as easy as everyone could have think of.
Luckily the crew was able to spot the dog standing alongside the road while they were driving. The sad news is that the dog did not allow no one to approach. He would run away as soon as someone attempted to get closer. That is when they decided to call a doctor to inject him a tranquilizer in order to catch the poor thing. There was no other way they could catch the dog, and the temperatures were rising minute after minute even more.

Once the doctor injected the tranquilizer they were able to get the dog, and spend a night in a hotel nearby just to make sure that the dog was i good health conditions. Little by little the dog started trusting in the rescuers, and nothing could make them happier. First thing they did the next day was to rush into their Vet clinic to give the dog a needed bath, then to feed him, and last to check him for any health conditions. The following video will walk you through all the steps these rescuers had to take just to save the abandoned little German Shepherd.

Source: Viralnova

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