This dog is so attached to his owner, that he stalks him all the time… WAW

We all know that dogs are super attached to their owners and super protective, but I have to admit that never have I ever seen a dog like Cyrus, the 2-year old Bullmastiff from Perth, Western Australia. Cyrus is so obsessed with his owner, that he follows him all the time around the house. He is always staring at his owner, up to the point that we can call Cyrus a stalker. His owner Birney says that he will follow me around the house all the time, and no matter what I am doing or where I am, he will always be there somewhere to stalk me. In the following 10 pictures you will see how obsessed Cyrus is with his daddy, and this is what Birney has to say about all this…

“Sometimes I have no idea that he is creeping on me until I get up off a seat or look around the room…”


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Titus the rare pitbull

Meet Titus, a Pitbull so rare that he’s the only one of his breed in the world…

They adopted her from the streets, so they didn’t knew her breed. When they found out… OMG