This Dog Was Rescued While The Kids Were Outside Playing Pokemon Go

It is amazing how a life was saved because of a game. The mother had gone outside walking with her kids who were focused in their cell phones playing the popular game “Pokemon Go”.
It was during this walk when they stumbled across a hurt dog who seemed to be in a very bad condition. It seemed like he had been in a fight with another dog because he was beaten and a short part of his ear and tail were missing.

The mother of the kids happened to be a nurse so she attended him right there in the spot and carried the poor dog back to their home hoping he would make it through the night. It turned out the puppy was stronger that the family feared so first think in the morning they drove the dog to the nearest animal shelter.

There he is being treated and is on his way to full recovery. And since the kids saved his life, they got pretty attached with the dog and are hoping to adopt him as soon as he is fully recovered.

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