10 Best Cities In U.S.A For Dogs

It is a known fact that 44% households in America own at least one dog according to a survey. These reinforces what we already know, that american’s love dogs and are willing to way and beyond to meet their needs.
If we see a dogs space to run, grass to sniff and other friend dogs to play with, there are some cities that are just better for having a dog than others.

These are the top 10 cities for dogs to live and the people who love them.


#1. Charleston, SC

68% of households in this city own a dog. Charleston has great dog parks and trails and there are specific areas at the beach where you can let your dog off leash.

#2 Temecula, CA

85% of households here own a dog. This small town has 30 pet friendly restaurants and also recently 24 wineries now allow canine companions. Also every spring it is held a wine event for puppies and kitties that includes a live auction and a fashion show with adoptable pets.

#3 Las Vegas, NV

62% of the households own a dog in the city of lights. The have a special pet themed radio show that goes on air weekly. Las Vegas was ranked the seventh city to spent on their pets on Amazon. The best part is that when they go out of town there is luxury pet hotel where they can leave they beloved fury friends.

#4 Scottsdale, AZ

Here, 69% of the households own a dog. There are 20 bars in the city that allow your dog to sit next to your stool while you are having a drink and also a long list of cafes and restaurants offer extensive outdoor dining for you and your fluff ball. The cutest thing is that there are several pet shops that offer miniature frilly dresses, collars, shaped dog beds etc.

#5 San Diego, CA

This city is known for its good weather, beaches and of course hiking. They organize a dog surf competition annually where you see dogs riding the waves better wonderfully. Here, 63% of the households own a dog, offers 200 vet services, 1000 pet related businesses and more than 120 pet stores. The unique part is that they have an army of dog walkers, more 1220 listed. Talk about community spirit!

#6 Austin, TX

61% of the households own a dog and even have a truck dedicated to dogs that offers delicious treats for them. After enjoying the yummy cake at the truck you can take your pup for a swim in an dog-only swimming spot or at a dog centered yoga studio. Yes they offer that too, cool right!

#7 Tampa, FL

This city offers an abundance off-leash parks and beaches for dogs. 57% of the households in Tampa own a dog. For the fashion oriented ones the city has many areas with dog friendly shops and boutiques to offer. The mall also has open areas that keep fresh water and treats.

#8 Fort Collins, CO

In this mountain town where exercise opportunities are endless, 67% of the households own a dog. There are four dog parks in this city for them to be free and one park has even separate areas for dogs of different sizes. If your buddy likes to swim the park has a huge pond just for doggies.

#9 Atlanta, GA

54% of the households in this city own a dog. During the baseball season, the team is hosting two “Bark in the Park” nights where each canine ticket comes with a Braves leash. And since we are in the field of sport, Atlanta organizes a Doggie Dash 5K run. Special areas in bars are called the “dog bar” and serve fresh water and treats for our four legged buddies.

#10 Seattle, WA

This is the city where canine residents outnumber the babies, up to 52% of the households have a dog. The restaurants that let you in outdoor spaces with your dog are many in number now, but here are some new restaurants now that let your beloved dog eat inside as well. Although Seattle it is thought to be not as dog friendly in work areas, according to CNBC the reception desks are filled with dog biscuits and also the campus has dog drinking fountains.

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