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He feeds almost 80 stray dogs every-day because he can’t see them suffer

Thank you Lord for everyone who does good for stray animals just like this man does. His name is Michael J. Baines and he is the superman from Chonburi, Thailand who feeds about 80 stray dogs in  every day. He is 48-year-old and he says that he has been doing this charity for the last 5 years now.
“I feel sad [for homeless dogs], and want to help them all,” Baines told Bored Panda. “Especially when I see a lonely dog that does not belong to any pack, probably dumped, which is very common here. I always have food and fresh water in my car, so whenever I see a dog, I stop and give it food and water.” 

In the following pictures you will see what this superhero does for stray dogs, and how much they appreciate him!!!

Michael strongly believes that people should stop buying dogs, and they should start adopting instead. A dog is a dog no matter whether you get it at a fancy pet shop, or at a local shelter. 

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