First this dog adopts the opossums, then she does this…

We all have to admit that animals are great at making new friends. The fact that they are so loving and caring for one-another makes me love them even more. What you will see in the following pictures, is the sweet story of a dog named Pretinha, and a bunch of baby opossums. Here is how the story goes:
The baby opossums remained orphaned right after their mother was attacked, and then killed. A man named Stephanie Maldonado, who is a dog trained, found them and decided to rescue the little poor creatures. The fact that the four joeys had their eyes closed still, made this man believe that they had little chance of surviving. But this is when Pretinha steps in to the rescue. She started to nurse the little joeys, and little by little they were able to walk around, and even climb onto Pretinha’s  back. The following 5 pictures will best show you about this amazing bond.

Here is a picture of the joeys when they were first rescued. Look at that little tiny face. You all can see that its eyes are closed.


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