First this puppy takes the ball up the stairs. What he does next? Pure brilliance….

I gotta love all the dogs who are able to entertain themselves with different games. When I first saw the following video, I thought that if there was an award about SELF-ENTERTAINERS, then the grand prize would go to this little fella. You don’t believe me? Well let me tell you this:
What would you think of a little puppy, who is able to invent a new, entertaining, smart game? Yeap you read that right. The little fella you will see in the following video, was able to invent a brand new entertaining game for himself. Allow me to give you a hint about the cute game this little genius invented.

First the puppy has a ball in his mouth. Next thing you know, he throws the ball down the stairs.The ball slides down the stairs, hits the wall and stays at the end of the stairs. The puppy goes down the stairs grabs the ball, and starts climbing the stairs. Then this whole thing starts from the beginning. It is such a beautiful way to entertain a puppy. It is a good exercise for the mind and the body. I say so because first the puppy uses his brain to make this happen in the first place because only a little intelligent puppy can make something like this work. And second going up and down the stairs is a really good work out! I ope you enjoy this little cuttie as much as I did, and please don’t forget to share.

Source: Youtube

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