Guy Builds A Fence Window So His Dogs Can Talk To Their Friend Next Door

The whole idea of a fence is to mark your property and separate one side from the other. They help for keeping your pets safe on the backyard and offer privacy as well. High fences can be boring especially for dogs because they keep hearing all kinds of noises from the outside and end up going crazy because they can not see what they are.
But not all pet owners are the same. For example this owner has built a fence window that allows their dogs to see what goes on, on the other side of the fence. And not only that, now they can also communicate with their friends next door.


The whole idea came to him after seeing how much his dogs struggled to communicate with their friends by looking to the narrow slats in the fence. So what could make his dogs happier than being able to see what goes on the other side.

Now every morning his dogs run to the fence window to say hello to their neighbor dog and start playing the chasing game. But this is not the only dog owner how has came up with the idea of a fence window.

Here are some other examples…

Look how beautiful looks this fence whole with the framed flower on it.


The perfect size hole for a small sized dog such as this cute pug behind the wooden fence.


The most original way to keep the neighborhood safe!


What do you think?

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