If these animals made it, then you can too!

If these animals made it through life, then you should be positive about yourself. Life is not that easy for animals, especially for those who suffer from different life-threating diseases. But they do not give up, they fight for their life, because they appreciate their life to the fullest. A big round of applause should go to all the people out these who take care of these amazing creatures. Without those beautiful people, these poor creatures would not be able to get through the serious diseases. It is not easy to live without an arm, or a foot, or flippers, but there is always a solution. I want you to know that if these animals made it, then we all can make it. We just need a little faith in ourself, a little help from our beloved ones, and a little bit of good luck. The most important thing is to trust in yourself, and be positive about your future. Life comes only once, and we have to live it at its fullest. There is nothing more precious than our life, our body, so we all should be grateful for what we have. We all should take good care of ourselves, and love ourselves a little more! The following nine stories will enlighten you more, and will make you understand that if these animals can do it, then we all can!
1-Yu the loggerhead turtleturtle 2

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